6 Things to Remember When You Travel

When I decided to go traveling, I jumped straight into the deep end and scheduled a two month trip around the United States- by myself. I’d never been to another country or travelled alone, but I have a wanderer’s heart and after growing up in relatively small city, I was desperate to see the world. […]

Robin Williams: Thank you for Teaching Us How to Dream

I first met Robin Williams as the professor on Flubber. He quickly became a colourful strand in my childhood as I entered the world of Jumanji, learned the life lessons of Mrs. Doubtfire and was amazed by the enigma of Genie. Like many of us, when I heard about his passing I felt the loss […]

Culture Shock Changed Me for the Better

It was the pedestrian crossings that freaked me out the most. I would stand at them for minutes, waiting for a clicking sound to indicate it was safe for me to cross the busy LA streets. After being awake for more than 24 hours and having travelled to a foreign country, I just wanted to […]

Anger, Assault, and Justin Bieber

  Less than a day ago, news broke that superstar Justin Bieber turned himself in to Toronto police after assaulting a limo driver in December. The headline came only a week after Bieber was found DUI in Florida, and it seemed to top off a pivotal year in the 19 year-old’s life. 2013 included numerous […]

'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty' & The Choice To Change

'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty' & The Choice To Change

The New Year always comes with an expectation of change. The stroke of midnight welcomes this with cheers, hugs, a kiss and a prayer. Somewhere in our human construct of time, we have decided that this one moment heralds in a lifetime of opportunity. And it does; yet how often do we find ourselves ignoring […]