The power of words.

This is my story, and this is why I choose to be a journalist. Because words can define how we live our lives. Whether they are words we hear from childhood, a friend, the media, or ourselves. The tongue can change a life, for better or worse. I choose to lift people up by showing […]

Taylor Swift: Heartbreaker or heartbroken?

It was the news that everybody expected and knew would come to pass sooner rather than later, ‘Haylor’ was defunct. The short, 2 month romance between American sweetheart Taylor Swift and Brit pop star Harry Styles was over after a reported argument during a holiday in the Caribbean.

Lyrical Dilemma, or Lyrical Drama?

September 22, 2012 For better or worse, a catchy tune can creep into your mind and stay there for days. Often, I find my mind has become a portable, inbuilt radio. Ask yourself, do you like Justin Bieber? Perhaps not. But do you know all the lyrics to ‘Baby’? Well of course you do, and […]

Oh Joe, How Times Have Changed

September 14, 2011 For years the Jonas Brothers have been the ‘good boys’ of the TV and music industry. The type of pop stars you didn’t minds your daughter crushing on, because you wouldn’t mind your daughter having a nice, clean, cut boy (with a promise ring) who would take care of her. And let’s […]