My Story- Dylan Joel

Melbourne rapper Dylan Joel is one of a kind. With his infectious beats and even more infectious personality this guy is going places. A Triple J Feature Artist, he performed at Forest Edge and was kind enough to let us ask him the question, “What brings you hope?”

My Story- Mike Herrera MxPx

Over the weekend I had the privilege of attending Forest Edge Music Festival. As a member of the Hope Movement team I was given the opportunity to network with quite a few bands. Possibly the biggest ‘pinch me’ moment of the weekend was when we interviewed Mike Herrera of MxPx. Mike has been the lead […]

The Rise and Rise of Jennifer Lawrence

To say 22 year-old Jennifer Lawrence is doing something right would be an understatement. In the space of less than three years she has gained a Golden Globe nomination and an Academy Award for her role in ‘Winters Bone’ (2010), has starred as Mystique in ‘X-Men First Class’ (2011) with James McAvoy, become a teen […]

The day we allocate to love. (Aka Valentine's Day)

The day we allocate to love. (Aka Valentine's Day)

It is the day that encompasses so much dread, hatred, love and excitement that it seems miraculous the world is still spinning after we conquer it each year. It creates butterflies in the stomach and shivers of horror as it willingly pounces on its prey. It is the day chocolate companies love and weight loss […]

The Foreign Husband

Have you noticed that whenever someone travels overseas they are nearly always asked the same question when they return. It is a question that, in my experience, has a 99% chance of being answered in one, short word. “No”. The question is, “Did you bring home a [insert foreign nationality here] husband? This question seems […]