I Dream of Jesus

I have a bobble head figurine of my desk at work, it is a little Captain America and each day as it stares up at me with its tiny eyes I am reminded to smile a little bit more. The other night, I was walking through the supermarket and noticed a little Mike Wazowski toy […]

Five Reasons Delta Goodrem is Still Amazing

Not to long ago the Australian public adored Delta Goodrem. Breaking into the music industry at just 17, her debut album ‘Innocent Eyes’ was named the highest selling Australian album of the last decade; her concerts were packed and her every move was watched by loyal fans.  Then there was silence, Delta moved to the […]

Chapters and Pages

I recall sitting in a hotel room in Minneapolis in November of 2011. I was halfway through a two month holiday around the United States and was experiencing what was a pivotal point in my life. Not only was this journey opening my eyes to the world and my own self, but I had anticipated […]

What Gen Y Needs to Learn Before We Change The World

We are the generation of ‘world changers’, the ‘Timothy Generation’ who have grown up in church learning that it is our responsibility alone to save the world. Through countless alter calls, the pulsating base guitar and the bold proclamations of preachers, Generation Y have discovered that our purpose, and even our calling from God, is […]