Relevant Christianity? Blimey Cow they've done it!

Relevant Christianity? Blimey Cow they've done it!

Christianity has been labeled many things. From ‘traditional’ to ‘fundamentalist’, the variety of terms used to describe the core beliefs of a large group of people seems to have extreme variations; but ‘hilarious,’ ‘funny’ or even…‘relevant’? Well, that might be stepping over the mark. YouTube comedy show Blimey Cow begs to differ. A six minute […]

My Story- New Empire

Every so often a Christian artist releases music that resonates with people so much that it becomes ‘secular’. Mercy Me did it with ‘I Can Only Imagine’ and Brooke Fraser did it with ‘Albertine’. Now meet the newest cross cultural phenomenon, New Empire. Their song ‘One Heart/Million Voices’ was selected as the theme song for the 2012 Summer […]

My Story- Peter Gillies

During our time at Forest Edge, my friends and I saw quite a few people we ‘almost’ recognised. Faces I knew I had seen before, whether it be through church, on television or at concerts; who I just could not place. On the Saturday night one such man walked into the Hope Movement tent. I […]

My Story- FlagFall

Those who say we are starved of local talent in this country have obviously never attended Forest Edge Music Festival and never met FlagFall. These guys command the stage with their soulful tunes and envelope you in a quirky, sometimes mysterious but always enjoyable ride that is their set list. Here is what they say […]

My Story- Dylan Joel

Melbourne rapper Dylan Joel is one of a kind. With his infectious beats and even more infectious personality this guy is going places. A Triple J Feature Artist, he performed at Forest Edge and was kind enough to let us ask him the question, “What brings you hope?”