On being brave.

Have you ever had a sinking feeling in your stomach? There are butterflies and then there is the big one; it is the moment your stomach drops on a rollercoaster or the feeling you get before a test. It lies dormant for a while and then slowly awakens as you become aware of a task […]

For America, you are not alone

The USA is a big country. It is filled with more people than I could ever know or meet; and it often feels a life time away from coastal Victoria. Yet whenever I have travelled there, I have been transfixed by the unity of the country. Not in the way American’s speak or act; you […]

The Power of Forgiveness

Growing up, forgiveness was something I was instructed to do. I grew up in the church and knew the story of Easter back the front. From the days of felt scene story Bibles to evangelistic sermons in huge arenas, I knew each element of the redemption story well. As far as I could tell, forgiveness […]

Who Will Question The Stigma?

“She kicked the bucket because some people bullied her.” “He OD’ed again.” “They do that for attention.” “Of course they’re in rehab, they live in Hollywood!” I used to speak like that. They are words and attitudes so engrained into our Australian culture that it often seems harder to not say them than keep quiet […]

What It Really Means To Be Alive

Over the past 6 months, I have heard more stories than I could ever comprehend. They were stories of heartbreak, loss and grief; stories about people nearly giving up but choosing to hold on; stories about people wanting to help their friends. Many times these stories felt near too much for me to cope with. […]