Images & Lyrics: Jon Foreman ‘Darkness’

On my recent trip to America I picked up several CD’s (yes, actual hard copies of music). The symbiotic relationship between music and lyrics is one of my favourite things, and, in some way, I wanted to communicate what I felt when I heard these songs.

One of the EP’s I brought was ‘Darkness’ by Jon Foreman. There are 7 songs on the EP, all about the night, or dark seasons of life. I resonated with these tracks more than I normally would. I have a tendency to lean towards music that sounds like the sun kissing my skin and makes my heart feel warm and safe. Yet when I heard ‘Darkness’ I found a safe place to feel heavy—for myself, and for the people in my life who are going  through hell at the moment.

Each of these songs means something different and special to me, so I chose some of my favourite lyrics from each track and created a graphic out of them. Listen to each track and appreciate it for what it is. Let it be heavy. Let it be restless—because God finds us in these dark places and leads us towards the light again.


And nothing hurts worse
Than hope that’s deferred
So don’t let this slip away
I see you shining under the shame

‘Come Home’-Jon Foreman


She’s looking in the mirror
She’s brushing on her bravest eyes
Makeup makes her feel like she’s less vulnerable

She painted even clearer
Cover up the ache inside
Cover up the pain she could never control

‘Beautiful, Pt.II’-Jon Foreman


It feels like you’re running but
you’re not getting nowhere
We need your fire, get so cold
It feels you’re fading out
Into the jaded crowd
Look to the One who calls you home

‘You Alone’- Jon Foreman


When the pain feels like a knife, she says
I’m not letting go tonight, she says

‘She Said’-Jon Foreman


Rise up, rise like the blue skies
Rise up, lift up your blue eyes
Rise up, rise like the sunrise
We all wanna see you shine

‘Larger Than Life’-Jon Foreman


Singing June and Johnny’s songs
You felt pretty, I felt strong
And no one called our bluff
And love was a simple song

‘June & Johnny’-Jon Foreman


How can we be ourselves
If we don’t know who we are
I’m looking for the one that made me

‘Inner Peace’-Jon Foreman

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