I’m Single. Stop Pitying Me on Valentine’s Day

Scenario 1: Valentine’s Day. It’s a sudden build up. The Christmas decorations are wiped off the shelves, and the next day they are replaced with dozens of red hearts, cheery little lovesick bears that say, “I (heart) you,” and more candy than you can poke a stick at. Through January it niggles at the back […]

What Churches Get Wrong About the Holy Spirit

The first time I entered a charismatic conference as a teenager, I was stunned. As a pastor’s kid who had grown up in a small, moderately conservative church, the sheer volume of people in the room floored me. The volume of the bass was like a magnet, and soon I was jumping, clapping and raising […]

What God Can Do With Singleness

As a twentysomething Jesus-loving, Bible-reading, church attending female, I am aware that I have already failed to meet the expectations of the older generation and even my peers by not having a significant other, and, to be quite honest with you, I don’t even know who I want him to be yet. Passionate about Jesus […]