What Churches Get Wrong About the Holy Spirit

The first time I entered a charismatic conference as a teenager, I was stunned. As a pastor’s kid who had grown up in a small, moderately conservative church, the sheer volume of people in the room floored me. The volume of the bass was like a magnet, and soon I was jumping, clapping and raising […]

My God is Bigger than Depression

My name is Jessica, and when I was 13 I was diagnosed with severe depression. I was not an ‘emo’ kid, a trouble maker or a victim of abuse. I was a straight A student, was brought up in the church and developed a relationship with Christ at a young age. I had a good […]

The Power of Forgiveness

Growing up, forgiveness was something I was instructed to do. I grew up in the church and knew the story of Easter back the front. From the days of felt scene story Bibles to evangelistic sermons in huge arenas, I knew each element of the redemption story well. As far as I could tell, forgiveness […]