Why Christians Should Embrace Pop Culture

When I tell people I am a Christian AND a journalist, they rarely “get” it. I have become accustomed to the few steps back, the grimace mixed with a look of surprise, and the awkward, “you aren’t recording this conversation?” question that follows. Early on in my career, I would quickly emphasize the point that […]

5 Reasons You Should Respond Well To Criticism

Whether it comes from a friend, colleague or even our spouse, criticism can be hard to take. More often than not, it can be perceived as a direct attack against ourselves and leaves us feeling hurt and obstinate towards others. The very connotation of ‘criticism’ comes with negativity and resentment, but I’m hoping that by […]

'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty' & The Choice To Change

'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty' & The Choice To Change

The New Year always comes with an expectation of change. The stroke of midnight welcomes this with cheers, hugs, a kiss and a prayer. Somewhere in our human construct of time, we have decided that this one moment heralds in a lifetime of opportunity. And it does; yet how often do we find ourselves ignoring […]

Jesus Christ is Actually Superman

It was the single line in a blockbuster movie that pointed the audience directly to Christ. A phrase that revealed the contradiction between fantasy and reality; and it was said by a man in blue spandex. That’s right, Captain America aka Steve Rogers stated the iconic words before leaping of an aeroplane in 1.5 billion […]

Meme If You Love Jesus!

You see it splashed on t-shirts, CD covers and even jewellery, so why should the common meme be any different? It is virtually impossible to avoid the fact that Jesus Christ and Christianity has been placed on everything from wall hangings to the bumper sticker (And I quote, “Jesus is my co-pilot!”). In an age […]