5 Lies Christians Believe

How many times have you heard yourself say, “It will be ok!” or “God will make it work out.”? As Christians, it seems we often use the promises of the Bible, or our interpretation of them, to make ourselves feel a little better. The fact that God does not guarantee everyone a husband or wife, […]

To Write Love on Her Arms.

My story is like so many others. I am one of the five people affected by mental health in Australia, I am one of ‘those’ people who were ‘sick’. To this day when I go to the doctors and ask for my medication I am known as ‘severly depressed’ or as having a ‘major obsessive […]

I Dream of Jesus

I have a bobble head figurine of my desk at work, it is a little Captain America and each day as it stares up at me with its tiny eyes I am reminded to smile a little bit more. The other night, I was walking through the supermarket and noticed a little Mike Wazowski toy […]

What Gen Y Needs to Learn Before We Change The World

We are the generation of ‘world changers’, the ‘Timothy Generation’ who have grown up in church learning that it is our responsibility alone to save the world. Through countless alter calls, the pulsating base guitar and the bold proclamations of preachers, Generation Y have discovered that our purpose, and even our calling from God, is […]

Jesus For the Masses

The song went into a breakdown and there was complete silence. The skinny jeaned front man was quiet, and the keyboardist who had previously been raging away in dance was still. All eyes looked to the drummer as he raised his drum sticks into the symbol of a cross. The tension building in the room […]