REVIEW | The Anxiety Book

The Anxiety Book 
Elisa Black 
Rating: 3.5 / 5 

Anxiety affects one in four Australians and journalist Elisa Black is one of them. She navigates the delicate topic well, springboarding off her own experiences and buoying the reader to recognise anxiety’s commonality.

Black’s analysis explores how anxiety develops; its symptoms and how it can be managed. By pairing her stories with clinical details, ranging from the latest research findings, references to studies and quotes from respected authors, you are left with a healthy overview of this complex issue.

Black’s honesty is to be commended. She is unafraid to comb through the events of her childhood, teen years and time as a parent, giving an unparalleled take on the toll anxiety has on people. Covering topics from disgust and phobias, to social anxiety and recovery, it is an extensive, important read.

This book is an ideal first step for people who want to learn more about mental illness; however, Black’s detailed descriptions could be a trigger for people struggling with anxiety or suicidal tendencies, so read with care.

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