Stay. Find what you were made for | World Suicide Prevention Day


It’s such a simple word, but it means so much.

This World Suicide Prevention Day (September 10), my friends at To Write Love On Her Arms are running a week-long campaign titled, “Stay. Find what you were made for.”

These words come from my book When Hope Speaks, and I’m honoured that TWLOHA have chosen them as a rallying cry as they tell people across the globe that life is worth living.

The World Health Organisation estimates that we lose 800,000 people each year to suicide – that’s one person every 40 seconds. As someone who lives with depression and has wrestled with the idea of leaving, my greatest desire is that this WSPD, you find a reason to stay.

All week long, TWLOHA are publishing content on their website (including a blog by me later this week!), and you can stay updated by following them on Facebook.

You can also purchase your own WSPD pack here, and spread the message of hope in your community. Make sure you join the movement online as well, and hashtag your reason for staying with #IWasMadeFor.

TWLOHA are also raising $100,000 to invest directly into the treatment and recovery of people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide. Even the smallest donation makes a difference! Head over and donate here.

Take a look at this incredible video the team made, where some phenomenal people tell the world why they stay (and yes, I did have a happy freak out when Jon Foreman and Debby Ryan appeared on screen). Share it on your social media and let people know that we can change the statistics.

This week, I found out I was made to write the phrase, “Stay. Find what you were made for,” so that it would belong to thousands of people across the world. I was made to write words in a coffee shop in Geelong, Australia, so they would be screen printed on  t-shirts in Melbourne, Florida, so they could be shipped to people in countries I’ve never even heard of. I was made to live out my words bravely so others can do the same. And I was made to have my words spoken by strangers, referenced on Alternate Press and clung to like a life raft when depression feels like too much.

I had no idea I was made for all this. So if you’re still searching for your purpose, that’s ok.

Please, stay. Find what you were made for.

My book When Hope Speaks is available now in my web store. Click here to grab a copy!

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