6 Things to Remember When You Travel

When I decided to go traveling, I jumped straight into the deep end and scheduled a two month trip around the United States- by myself. I’d never been to another country or travelled alone, but I have a wanderer’s heart and after growing up in relatively small city, I was desperate to see the world. […]

Culture Shock Changed Me for the Better

It was the pedestrian crossings that freaked me out the most. I would stand at them for minutes, waiting for a clicking sound to indicate it was safe for me to cross the busy LA streets. After being awake for more than 24 hours and having travelled to a foreign country, I just wanted to […]

You Are More Than These Moments

I wouldn’t consider myself sick anymore. In fact, I would say I am now the opposite and am living some of the happiest, most fulfilling days of my life. Yet, when I go to the doctors and they order my medication, they label me as “severely depressed.” And I guess you could say I am. […]