This Week the Trend | April 12

Hey friends, sorry about the length between posts! To make it up to you this is going to be a bit longer than usual. Here are some of my fave. things from the past three weeks…


The Lion and the Beggar by Parisian

Jeremy Fowler released his first EP since New Empire broke up and it’s magical. Each song explores a different facet of love, and Jeremy mixes the alt pop sound we are used with synth to take you on an introspective journey. The final product is beautiful and well worth the wait. I also highly recommend watching the video for ‘Lion and the Beggar’—what’s not to love about someone dressed in a lion suit walking through the suburbs and catching butterflies?


Strawberry Kisses 2017 Remix by Nikki Webster

My life came full circle when Nikki Webster decided to re-release Strawberry Kisses and make 2001 happen all over again. Sam Mac is a gimmick and brings nothing to the song (sorry), but it’s Strawberry Kisses, so who really cares? Get out the pink plastic jump suit, it’s time to do some synchronised dancing again!



Sign of the Times by Harry Styles

I didn’t expect anything new from Harry Styles, but I was proven wrong. Sign of the Times defies the popular trend of using synth and shows no resemblance to the predictable pop hits of One Direction. Harry’s voice is measured, soulful and mature—in fact, when I first heard this I thought it was someone else. A reviewer said that this single sets Harry up for the long game, and in showing facets of the Beatles and Bowie he has created a sound that will make him an iconic musician in years to come. On hearing this, I have to agree.


Survivor: Game Changers

Malcolm was voted out and I can’t handle it. I’d say I’m done, but let’s be real—I’m never done with Survivor.


Project Runway

Seasons 7 and 8 arrived on Netflix and it was my go-to binge show for weeks. Heidi becomes  much more likeable towards the end, and I’m constantly amazed by what the designers create, especially considering I can’t even rule straight.

Chesapeake Shores

Ah, a Hallmark TV series came to Netflix and my heart was SO happy. It’s a mix of Nashville, meets Heart of Dixie and the Good Witch, so naturally I loved it. If you can accept this series for what it is (an utterly predictable family drama with no diversity), you will adore this.


Yes, I’ve been busy watching A LOT on Netflix. Anyway, don’t pass this series up just because Greek mythology has been done to death and you don’t recognise the actors. The lead character Jason is pretty much Peter Pevensie from the Chronicles of Narnia in ancient Greece, so I’m hooked.

The Next Step

I love kids TV, especially when it involves singing/dancing/magic or any combo there of. The Next Step Season 1 is on Netflix and it was everything I wanted in a predictable, mind numbing, wonderful children’s TV show. 



Beauty and the Beast

This could quite possibly be the movie of the year. Emma Watson is the perfect Belle, and it stays true to the original while giving more depth to the story.

Power Rangers

This is pretty much what you’d expect—bright costumes, action sequences and a larger than life villain. However, they add in themes around identity, bullying, sexuality and community which makes it (slightly more) believable.


I couldn’t make it to TWLOHA’s Heavy and Light in Orlando this year, but I did catch some of the live stream. I was so excited when Jon Foreman performed a song he wrote on the night with the words, “You are enough” in it.

I saw Guy Sebastian live! (It never gets old <3 )

TWLOHA released the ‘Enough’ collection in Silver!


Pug in an Easter egg!


Remembering Amy Bleuel
Grammy’s a beacon of hope thanks to Chance the Rapper
Lady Gaga’s brave confession



On the other side with Major David Twivey

‘Science Mike’ McHargue, ‘Enjoy the struggle and let go of fear’
Nathaniel, ‘I wanted to write something that’s really edgy’


Hack in a Flak Jacket by Peter Stefanovic
Savage Congress by Anna Karolina
Fearless by Fiona Higgins
The House of DunRaven by Steven Thomas Lympus





That’s it for this week. Enjoy your Easter holidays friends. Hit me up on Twitter (@jessmorris47) and Instagram (@jessicamorris47) and let me know what you’re loving at the moment!

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