5 Tips to Manage Stress Over the Holiday Season

As much as the holiday season is full of fun and food, it invariably also involves people dynamics. This is great when we want to look like a picture perfect Hallmark greeting card of a family, but we all know this is simply not true. Below the surface of the grins, laughter and greetings of, […]

5 Ways to Say No

It is far easier to agree with someone than say no. Maybe it’s because we fear conflict, are scared of disappointing the other person or don’t feel we have the right to disagree. Often, a person will ask us what they believe to be a perfectly reasonable request. It may demand our time, or finances, […]

5 Traits of a Healthy Relationship

We are all familiar with the strain we feel when we have a friend, family member or a spouse who is particularly demanding. When relationships are not cultivated in a healthy manner, they can leave us feeling physically drained and stressed. Emotionally, an unhealthy relationship can also lead to feelings of bitterness, anger and unforgiveness. […]

5 Steps to Transition from Rescuer to Helper

There are some people in the world who are wired to be ‘rescuers’. They see injustice, illness and pain and want to help people who are struggling. Ideally they desire to ‘save’ others and erase all conflict. Rescuers play an important function in society. They are the voices of the silenced and the stigmatised, and […]