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My book When Hope Speaks comes out in 16 days, and Hope Movement has shared an exclusive excerpt on their blog just for you!

The piece is called, ‘Note to self (You are not a failure),’ and of all the stories, essays and poems in the book, is the most relatable to where I’m at right now in life. I would love you to read it!

What are you waiting for? Go to Hope Movement now and read ‘Note to self (You are not a failure)’. Let me know what you think on Twitter @jessmorris47 or in the comments below, and pre order a signed copy here.

Get excited guys! I have some big news and surprises planned as we get closer to the October 10 release date for When Hope Speaks.

Be brave,


Ps. If you’re in town on October 8, I’d love to see you at the When Hope Speaks book launch! I’m be doing a reading, answering some questions and signing books.

When Hope Speaks book launch

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