Jessica Morris

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  • I’m so proud of my friend Jessica. She continues to impress me, not only with her writing but with how she lives her life. You get to see both in this book—Jessica’s talent for telling stories and for living them as well. She does both with compassion, with honesty, and with grace.

    - Jamie Tworkowski—Founder of To Write Love On Her Arms, New York Times best selling author of ‘If You Feel Too Much’
  • It is a joy to work with Jessica Morris as she crafts features and reviews that get straight to the heart of an artist.

    - Rick Hoganson—Hoganson Media Relations
  • Jess is an absolute delight to work with.  She loves music and writing and it shows – her interviews are always incredibly thorough and well researched, and our artists thoroughly enjoy their chats with Jess.

    - Emily Cheung—ON THE MAP PR
  • Not only is Jessica quick to communicate and easy to work with, she’s an incredibly talented writer as well. It’s always a joy getting to work with her!

    - Kirsten Grenier—the {m} media collective
  • I’ve collaborated with Jessica on a few projects, at various points in her career, and she has always been motivated and enthusiastic about her work. As an editor, I value writers like Jessica — reliable contributors who push themselves, welcome assignments, adapt to feedback and deliver prompt, thorough copy.

    - Alyce Youngblood—Freelance journalist and editor, Former editor To Write Love on Her Arms

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Nathaniel, ‘I wanted to write something that’s really edgy’

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You know him as a finalist on The X Factor and the soul singer who has dominated the pop charts. Nathaniel tells Jessica Morris why his latest single ‘Vapours’ signals a new season in his career.

‘Science Mike’ McHargue, ‘Enjoy the struggle and let go of fear’

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Self-proclaimed nerd, Florida local Mike McHargue has just released his book Finding God in the Waves. He tells Jessica Morris about being ‘Science Mike’, his hopes for the future of the US and how he reconciled science and faith.

On the other side with Major David Twivey

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The Salvation Army’s Bridge Program has helped people to break free of addiction for more than 50 years. Major David Twivey understands this better than most—it saved his life.

Hamish and Andy, ‘It feels like we’re friends with everybody’

Hamish and Andy, ‘It feels like we’re friends with everybody’

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Comedy duo Hamish and Andy are your typical blokes-next-door. Shining a light in the crass world of comedy, this uber-famous duo is as lovable as they are witty. Andy Lee tells Jessica Morris why friendship is the launch pad for their success.